"Do the best you can and don't take life too serious"---Will Rogers


Billy Musick

Billy was the creative mind that started BWOM.  He was an avid motorcyclist who found his niche in doing long rides in the summer and used video as the creative outlet as his diary of sorts.  Billy passed away during the Christmas of 2016.   It was a shock to all that loved him.  Here is his profile as he wrote it: 

This tiny blurb here, is my profile. 

It… not unlike the rest of this site…. is a work in progress...I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to put in this spot just yet.

I guess letting you know a bit about me is a good start. 

I've been riding motorcycles since I was 13 years old. My unofficial riding career began the summer after 7th grade. I call it unofficial, because in my 13 year old brain, sitting on a motorcycle and twisting the throttle was considered riding. Staying on the bike and keeping it upright were optional. My brakes were strictly aftermarket. I call them brakes, but non riders would call them fences, bushes or the ground. My first bike was a Yamaha Special 50. Most experienced riders are familiar with the Yamaha Specials, but most are unaware that there was a 50cc version. You'll just have to trust me on this one, it did exist. 

My next venture into motorcycling came via a Honda XL100. I had doubled my displacement, but not my experience. The only thing that bike really taught me is that my little sister was afraid of wheelies and that pipes will burn off skin. 

I rode that bike to the ripe old age of 15, I transferred my skills to 4-wheelers and jet skis. In high school, I wasted many a math class dreaming of owning a Ninja 250. I wouldn't again get on two-wheels until after that. See: The Long Story

This isn't a dating profile, so I'll try spare you of my interests..my interests..I've always thought that sounded like something a stockholder would have..interests.. I break it down a bit more than that..

My Loves: These are things that I couldn't live without..My family, My friends and my dog, Cush.

My Passions: These are things that I find give life flavor, I could live without them..but I wouldn't want to..Motorcycles, Traveling by motorcycle and Videography

My Hobbies: These are things that I do mostly to kill time, but still find interesting..they include This website, Running, Kayaking, Poorly playing my Guitar and Good beer.

I've had eleven "grown up'' sized motorcycles, and have kept the last four..

They are:
1999 Honda VFR 800
2003 Honda CB919
2004 Honda CBR1000RR
2005 Kawasaki ZX-12R

The stable

The stable

The Stable

Check this spot for more stories about these bikes as well as the others I've owned throughout the years

First new bike, 2004 CBR1000RR, first ride

First new bike, 2004 CBR1000RR, first ride

I'll end this with a tiny bit of wisdom from a man who was a thousand times more wise than I.

Mathatma Gandhi once said "If I had no sense of humor, I would have long ago committed suicide." Somewhat morbid I know, but what I think he meant was that you have to laugh it off sometimes. My personal philosophy is; if there is no chance I'll get a laugh out of it, then it probably isn't worth doing.

Ghost of motorcycles past, the beloved R1

Ghost of motorcycles past, the beloved R1


P.S. I'll put the rest of the gangs' profiles here soon

Conversations on the Road

When Tracy and I are out on the road, People take a look at our license plates and our bags and tend to ask a lot of questions. I must say that talking about motorcycles and our road trips is a great joy. But, sometimes on the road, time can be against you. You don’t want to be rude, but you’ve got to go. This is one of the many reasons I put this website together. I think it will be a good way to respond to unanswered questions. I’ve noticed throughout our travels, there is a basic formula.

The equation goes something like this:-You’ll get hit up for conversation more often if:
The person is a motorcyclist or former motorcyclist
The person is older
The farther away the stop is from your license plate of origin
The smaller the town is in which you stop.

I don’t want for a second, anyone to think I find this a burden. I love talking to folks
With that said, my favorite people that I meet on the road are older motorcyclists, especially if they tell stories of their road trips of the old days. On Harleys, Triumphs or Nortons: These guys did this stuff before GPS’s, Internet hotel reservations, or radial tires. Their bikes were barely reliable enough to make it out of town. When I talk to guys like these, I turn from storyteller to audience listener.

It’s an interesting contrast, because I listen to their stories of the open road, the trials and tribulations. I’m usually in awe on how they did it without modern motorcycles. They are usually impressed that we can do 4500 miles in ten days, because back in those days, that was a month or longer trip. Score one for forward progression.



Tracy McKinley

CONTACT INFO: tracy.bwom@gmail.com

Tracy has really been the long haul king of the road, with probably three Iron Butt trips (at least 1 officially) under his belt.  He instigated the idea of the long road trip between the three of us.   Technically I(Kevin) did, with five hour trips to visit my buddy Bill Hart (though to Tracy and Billy, five hours probably doesn't even count), but nevertheless.  Tracy was the compatriot for most of the BWOM trips, and the copilot for most of the decision making. 

Kevin McDow

CONTACT INFO: kevweez.bwom@gmail.com

You dont see me (Kevin) in many of the videos because I always seemed to be busy with something.   I made my way into a few of them, and enjoyed it alot.  I was first, friends with Tracy in 10th grade.  Billy came along in the first part of 11th grade.  Had the three of us not had last names so close, we probably wouldn't have been seated by each other, and Billy and Tracy would not have been as cool as they ended up being(since they never would have met me).  :)  Billy got me into motorcycling.  He would always bring motorcycle magazines into English class and we would dig into them.  My first bike was a 1991 EX500 Kawasaki.  Since then I have had a CBR900, FZR1000 (91), Triumph Daytona T595 (97), RC51, Aprilia RSV1000R, a couple of CBR600s, a Ducati 999, a Suzuki TL1000S, a ZX-6D, and currently have an FZ8 street fighter, a Ducati 900SS (944), a CB360 cafe racer, and one of Billys bikes, the CBR1000RR.  

I dig Star wars, Motogp (VR46) and the Detroit Lions.  Yeah that last one is kinda rough most years, but its my burden to bear.  I guess my new hobby is website work to keep this thing going and make it look like Billy wanted it to and never got around to.  

The 3 of us on the State Line Tavern ride.

The 3 of us on the State Line Tavern ride.

Kev and I wasting an afternoon.

Kev and I wasting an afternoon.