State line pictures

Hey guys, Kevin here.   I got a suggestion from a subscriber to the Youtube site that I thought was a cool idea.  Flatulent Badger suggested to me that the quest for the 50 state signs as one of the things he will always remember.  He suggested that if anyone wanted to go to a state sign, Country sign, Street sign(or even your favorite place to eat), and take a pic (with a bywayofmotorcycle tshirt, sticker, or maybe a sign saying "we miss you Billmaa), that it would be a cool collection of pics to have.   

If anyone does this, and sends me a pic, or comments below, etc with their heroic tale of getting the state, and a pic with it, Ill put the info up on the 50 states part of the website, or somewhere.   Havent really figured that out yet, but it will get up here.  

Thanks.   And thanks to those who have purchased the shirts already, its cool to think that BWOM stuff is out there!!!!!