Website update and more pics and stories

Hey all, Kev here.   I have updated a couple portions of the website as I strive for website nirvana.  :)   The trips/50 states portion of the site have been combined, as the 50 states is really a part of the trips.   I have started to attach embedded links to the video series about the trips themselves.   So thats neat!!!

ALSO, the tshirt/sticker portion of the website, I think, is vastly improved.   Instead of being a link to the zazzle store, there are individual links to each of the shirts and each of the stickers.   Should be much easier to navigate I hope.   

LASTLY, continue to send me pics of you with the BWOM stuff or with a BILLMAA note, next to a sign, with a story, to my   I am plugging those into a section called BWOM fan stories, so that you will be a part of the website also.  

I am planning a ride, not just sitting behind the computer.  I promise!!!!!