30 days to the Garage door closing

Well, we are a month exactly from leaving on the trip.  Being a planner, I have already done what I do.   I put together a spreadsheet about where we are going, listed the mileage, some interesting things to visit, and checked for hotels around.  

I then put together a packing list.   I thought first that I would watch Billmaas how to pack for a road trip, but I thought, "part of the adventure is making your way, challenging yourself a bit, and seeking the adventure."  I will certainly watch the masters instructions when I return, but don't want to get the answers to the test early.  

I also worked to transform the motorcycle.   The steed for this ride is going to be a 2012 Yamaha FZ8.  I configured this into a cafe style Streetfighter.  Swap out the bubble for the stock tail and taillight.  Swap out the exhaust (loud fun exhaust may be irritating after the first 300 miles or so).  Stock exhaust it is.  

Put the passenger footpegs back on, just in case Tracy fills the bike with too much oil again, and I have to passenger him somewhere.   Been down that road with a bored out GSXR of his.  

Ive rewatched the BWOM series (still finishing up Pirates), and have too much to live up to.  I thought I would get new ideas, but Billy seems to have used them all up.  Thats alright, no pressure (I kid).  

Lastly, the route.  Our plan is to head from Philly for Tracy, and Bridgeport, WV for me, through Columbus, Peoria, and on to Omaha.   Pick up Billmaas ashes, and head to his favorite place in the world, Jackson Hole.  The plan is to spread his ashes (except for a small vial I will keep for the trip to Deals Gap next year.  Then back through Crazy Horse, and a few other places on the way home that should be much like things he would enjoy, 

I plan on doing a daily video, or at least an occasional video to keep you guys updated.   

thanks for all the support!!!!!!