Successful Adventure

Well, we are on the tail end of what will be BWOM 9.   It was a successful, and also emotional trip, which saw us travel through at least 11 states, in areas with snow on the ground, and passed herds of Buffalo (or Bison as it were).  We hit elevations as high as 9,705 ft, and appear to have possibly also been captured by the google street view car at one point.  We were able to fulfill Billmaa's wishes for where he would have wanted his ashes spread, which was the most important thing to us all.  Everything else was very secondary to that.  

Once the task Billmaa gave us was accomplished, we could move into the rest of the ride, BWOM style, in order to film a BWOM like he would have wanted us to.  

I know he will be missed by everyone, and is certainly missed by myself, Tracy, and his family, but we can all share in the happy memories of how he entertained us, motivated us to motorcycle around, and how we all loved Billy.  


Tracy here..

We are almost done with the ride.  We completed a very difficult task, but an important one at that.  There are still a lot of emotions surrounding this trip.  I will upload a vlog soon to talk about it, since I haven't really said much since everything happened.  

I'm glad we were able to do what we did.  Hopefully if any of you ever pass through Jackson, you'll stop by Signal Mountain and say hi to our friend.  He will be there in spirit, I assure you.

We all miss Billy more than can be put into words.  As I said on the mountain when we were offering our thoughts, it is not good bye, but until we see you again, my friend.