Nicky Hayden

I remember seeing Nicky Hayden race at Pikes Peak raceway in Colorado, pretty early in his career.   At that time, Scott Russell was still racing, as was Anthony Gobert (though he left to go to motogp with Bimota and skipped this race).  I remember seeing him race the RC51 and bring home a championship.   I was always a Rossi fan, and was really mad when Nicky beat Rossi for the MotoGP Championship, but it was easier to take than Marquez or Stoner for sure, because Nicky was one of those guys you cant help but like.   I remember meeting the Hayden parents at Indy one year during the MotoGP.   They sat and talked to me for quite a while while, and were the most down to Earth folks.  It is a real tragedy, and very sad that Nicky is gone. 

It doesnt make sense sometimes how someone can ride ferocious two wheeled monsters professionally, in some of the most competitive series in the world, while trusting a shoe sized footprint of rubber to keep them from careening out of control at upwards of 200MPH, and then be killed when crossing a street on a bicycle.

It seems to me that you can never tell when your time is going to be up.  You can be careful or reckless, you just don't know. That being said....

I wouldn't put things off too long.