Hey all, 

Just a quick update.    I have been slacking a little bit on any website updates, movie, etc.   Work is always crazy, and I took a couple weeks off to go to the Silverstone MotoGP race.   I made some BWOM cards and put them in a few of the bikes in the parking lot!   BWOM international edition.  Silverstone was great, and I toured around Scotland as well.  As I was with the wife and friend, I unfortunately was unable to ride a motorcycle while I was there, but I did brave the idea of renting a car to get around after the race, which was pretty interesting to drive on the left side of the road and right side of the car.   

I was pretty excited about driving a Vauxhall, Seat, Peugeot, or something a little different, and they gave me a Ford.   Still great trip, came back exhausted, but am now digging into the movie prep more.   I had a whole bunch of our (Trace and Billy and I) old home movies, some of which made it to Youtubes silver screen, but I wanted to scour that footage and see what I could find.   

The movie is going to take a little bit, but I promise I am working on it and it is coming!!!!!  I have gotten some really cool stories from riders, and posted them in the Fan stories section!   Keep them coming.   

Lastly, my email is, if you have any stories, ideas, or just want to say hey!

thanks for all the comments and support.