BWOM 10 (97 Days away)

So we added the BWOM 10 Facebook group, for anybody who wants to attend, or pop in to the ride, and I created a by way of motorcycle Facebook page, though I have not added much yet, but plan to.   

I thought I might go through what I have done to plan a trip, just to put it out there for anyone who is interested.    The first thing I did on this trip is set the key points, being Barber Motorsports park, and the Tail of the dragon.   After that I google routes, and dig in to which routes to pick.   Usually I will look at distance and time to see if there is any difference there worth noting, and then it is areas of interest.  Ill look for odd places on, and other sites like that, they will give you some off the beaten path stuff.  

After planning the route, and finding what areas of interest there are along the way, I dig in with a spreadsheet to see how long I should take to do the ride, and plan the dates.   After that, it was looking at hotels.  In trying to find hotels, what I look for is ease.   After a long day on the bikes, it is nice to make the hotel easy.  I want to stay on the outskirts of town, or right off the highway.  It makes it easier to get into, and also is a little safer on the bikes if you aren't right downtown.  I also consider food.  I think that when you are picking a hotel, on a motorcycle trip, you should pick one that has dinner within walking distance.   Not that you have to go to those places, but if it was a long day, and you don't want to mess with anything other than woofing down food and going to bed, then it really helps to not get back on the bike again.  

With this ride in particular, because we are doing meet-ups and have a bunch of riding buddies with us, I then wanted to find restaurants, and with the help of a couple of the guys that are going with us, we nailed down some.  I think publishing the hotels and the restaurants matters more in this case than if it was just Trace or Bill and I, because you don't want it to be stressful riding, and if you have 20 people riding, and everybody knows the end destination, then if you want to stop six times and the rest of the group wants to stop once, no biggie.  That way they know when and where we are eating dinner, generally, etc.  

Now I am no expert, and really this worked very well on the Motoscavy trip when planning with Billy, and pretty exceptionally in the Jackson trip.  So I figured I would throw them out here, because planning a motorcycle trip can be a lot to think about and a little stressful if you let it.