70 days til BWOM 10

This is the strange part of these trips.  you think they are so far away, and they creep up on you.  I can't believe it is only 70 days til the trip.  anyway, I appreciate the response, and the positive vibes with all this.  We have more than 30 folks who have joined the FB BWOM 10 group, and are going on the ride in some manner.  That is fantastic.  

Anyway, better start cleaning up the bikes and changing the oil.  You don't want to do that at the last minute.   Gotta have a clear head when you are doing the maintenance.  

Cant wait to meet everybody and spend 5 days riding and talking about motorcycles.  

And maybe we can talk about why Marquez was such a maniac in the SECOND race of the MotoGP season.  It will make for an interesting season but hopefully not like 2015.