57 days away, everything is coming together

Well, we are 57 days away from the BWOM 10 ride to Deals Gap, Barber Motorsports Museum, and the Corvette Museum among other things.   Quite a few folks have connected on the "By Way of Motorcycle" Facebook page (which I have fixed the link at the bottom of the main page of the website), and also have joined the "BWOM 10" group on Facebook.  

If you are interested in joining the ride, which is both another exciting BWOM ride, and also a sort of final memorial to Billmaa (as I am going to spread the remainder of his ashes at the Tail of the Dragon, since he had it on his bucket list and never made it), then join the BWOM 10 group, and get connected with me for information.   There is a map and schedule/plan on the BWOM 10 group on FB, which should give more info.  

As always, I really appreciate the response, and all the well wishings and positive comments.  I even appreciate the one thumbs down and negative comment. :)  I get that that person cared about Billmaa and had strong enough feelings about him and his legacy to let me know it. 

Anyway, get connected with me, get your bike ready, get a bag packed, and get on the road!!!!!