44 days left. What do you have to get done?

Since I get so excited about these things so far out, I practically have everything done.  I had to change out the cafe tail on the FZ for the stock one with a passenger seat so I can use the tail bag.   I also had a short in the headlights I had to troubleshoot.   

After that, I had to put a new chain and sprocket on the bike.  Wasn't too bad.   

Lastly, change the oil and filter, and take the aftermarket exhaust off and put the stock one on.   The main reason for that is that it is a little loud.   Not terribly loud, but loud enough that I would rather not listen to it over two or three five hundred mile days.   Secondarily, if I did drop the bike, I don't really care too much about scratching up the stock exhaust.  

Next step over the next two weeks is to get clothes figured out (which will be much much easier than with the other trip since this one is so much shorter) and get all my tools and extra stuff out, make sure I have it in the right place, and that its all there and working.  

Then over the last 30 days, it is just monkey with the camera equipment, make sure I have the mounting figured out, and the tripods, etc (not that it really helps when you just forget to set the stuff up), but it is something to keep me busy, and by the time the trip comes, I am fresh with the general knowledge of the cameras, and what I want to do.   

Thats my plan anyway, comment on here (AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS IT HAS A COMMENT SECTION) as to your plans, and what things you have left.  

Thanks, Kev.