Billy Musick 1972-2017


Kev here.   It is with huge sadness that I let everyone know (who doesn't already) that Billy passed away around Christmas last year(2016).  He was a friend of mine for as long as I can remember.   I was lucky enough to have two best friends in Billy and Tracy, and can not believe that he is no longer here.   We met because alphabetically, he sat behind me in English class, 11th grade.  We were inseparable after that.   I joined the Army, and when I left, he got a video camera.   The movies really started then.   He and Tracy started hanging out a lot and making movies for me.   They would drive around and film motorcycle shops, stupid dinner conversations, whatever, and he would put them to music.   It was awesome, like being home.   When I got back home, we all moved into a condo together, and again were inseparable.   We shared a love of music, motorcycles and fun.

Fast forward to adulthood.  Most recently, we both started collecting old star wars toys, and in both our cases, it escalated quickly.   Billy and Brecken (his son) and Liz (my wife) and I went to Star Wars celebration.   It was great to get to spend some time with Brecken and Billy, as it seemed that we did not get together nearly enough.    We would text a lot, about any number of things.   We were planning to hang out a lot more, and had really started talking a lot about a month before he passed.    It is very frustrating and sad to me that he left so early.   I know he loved Brecken like nothing else, and I don't know anyone who he didn't make smile and laugh.   He will be missed.