Helpful Motorcycle tips


Straight from Billmaas youtube "how to pack for a motorcycle trip" is his packing list, sectioned into priority 1, 2, and 3 items.  

How to pack for a motorcycle trip:

Bike maintenance first:

1.        Good rubber, put new tires on that thing

2.       Make sure chain is lubed and adjusted

3.       Make sure your clutch and brake fluid are good and topped off

4.       Make sure your oil is changed before you leave

5.       Check your indicators and lights

6.       Check your tire pressure

7.       Adjust the valves if needed depending on service interval and age of bike

Priority 1, items:

1.       Chain lube

2.       Flat tire repair kit

3.       long bike lock, something to secure your bike at the hotel

4.       first aid kit (priority 1 or maybe 2)

5.       ear plugs

6.       tire pressure gauge

7.       owners manual for your bike, tip: inside the owners manual have some extra cash and credit card just in case your bag or wallet gets lost or you get mugged or something.

8.       Tool kit-factory tool kit has everything you need, but can add a craftsman home tool kit, small

9.       Multitool, good for everyday stuff

10.   Pocket knife

11.   Flashlight

12.   Fuses, remember to also have an extra of the main fuse as well.

13.   Multimeter (priority one item if you know how to use it)

14.   Road atlas, (this was a bit dated as most phones have solid gps, but if you are in an area where you cant get a signal, or a dead battery)

15.   Clear visor if you have to ride at night.

16.   Riding boots, or special rain boots if possible

17.   Additional batteries for flashlight etc.

18.   Ibuprofen

19.   Bicycle shorts with pads in them, will be much more comfortable.

20.   Liner to your motorcycle jacket.  It is small and can make a big difference.

21.   Northface sweatshirt things, small material if possible

22.   Riding pants or riding specific jeans.

23.   Cell phone

Priority 2 items:

1.        Camera

2.       Lens wipes for camera

3.       Hand sanitizer

4.       Ipod

5.       Ziploc bags handy for weather to protect electronics, etc

6.       Trash bags for protecting bags and to use as liners if necessary

7.       Plexis helmet face shield polish

8.       Zip ties-fairings, license plate bolt, literally anything

Priority 3 items:

1.        Camping (maybe not recommended), but if you do,

a.       Eureka solitaire tent is small and easy to carry

b.      Slumberjack sleeping bag, very compact and warm

c.       Thermorest sleeping pad, to make it a little more comfy under the sleeping bag

2.        Laptop, handy if you have room

3.       Notebook (motorcycle riders journal), nowadays the iphone has it

4.       Zook antifog wax, keeps your helmet visor from fogging up.


Road Trip Tip #1-

Plan your overnight stops near larger cities, this will better your chances of finding a motorcycle shop if you have motorcycle troubles.

Road Trip Tip #2-

Your credit card hitting random gas stops along the country may flag it as stolen.  Be sure to call your credit card company and let them know before you leave.

Road Trip Tip #3-

Keep your plans flexible.  Be sufficiently prepared, but expect and enjoy the unexpected.

Road Trip Tip #4-

Check your travel destinations for large venues, i.e. concerts, sporting events, or conventions.  The extra population could cause troubles with traffic as well as availability of lodging.  

Road Trip Tip #5-

When traveling across international borders, be knowledgeable of that countries traffic laws as well as any paperwork requirements.