50 States (with stories to follow)

As a team, Tracy and I have ridden in 47 of the US States. (KM update: 50)

When we started this quest, (which was realistically just an overgrown excuse to ride) I only wanted the lower 48 states. I felt that Hawaii was impossible and why try for Alaska when the full 50 could not be had.

Life is funny like that, and the military moved me, to of all places, Hawaii! My CBR1000RR came out of the crate. I fueled it up and rode it around the block. In essence, I had fulfilled the criteria for that state..I had ridden a motorcycle on the roads...Alaska, I guess I have to come get you too! (KM update: they did it---Pirates of the Arctic Circle)

One may ask why Trace has so many more states than me, since we started at basically the same time.

May 2005, I suffered a horribly broken finger during a flag football game. it required surgery and took me out for the '05 season. That summer, Tracy took off to Alaska on his own. A solo ride that took out the west coast going all the way up to Hyder, Alaska.

April 2006, I moved to Oahu, Hawaii. With moving, finding a house, and settling into a new job, I had to take another summer off from the big ride. Tracy did not, he rode southeast this time, to Key West, Florida and then up the east cost.

Tracy and I are pretty competitive, But we've made it a point not to make this a contest. We have very different riding styles and reasons for wanting to do this. Comparing them would be apples to oranges.

The unspoken unofficial rules are as follows:

You must have state line picture that includes you and your motorcycle for that state to be counted. (KM update: while not official, Tracy would contend that he does have Hawaii, because he has a state sign picture, though it is on Billys Bike)

Tracy has a personal side rule in which he has to be on the same bike in every picture, he's OCD like that. Myself, on the other hand, am a bit more relaxed. I believe that if I was on two wheels in that state, it counts. I like to be versatile yanno.

By the nature of the rules, Tracy has 47 states so far. (KM update: both made it to 50)

Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota are the last that are needed. (KM update: Nope, nope, and nope)


As for me I have 43 down..I won't bother listing the remaining seven.

See pictures of each state and Prudhoe Bay, AK, below.



                                             A map with some of the ride routes lined out

                                            A map with some of the ride routes lined out