So as everyone knows from BWOM 7, Pirates of the Arctic Circle, Billy had an affinity for Pirates and the Skull and Crossbones was adopted by him as his moniker later on in the BWOM series.   He loved the pirate idea of traveling along going wherever the road takes him in search of treasure.   His treasure for the longest time were state signs.  

map to treasure tins.png

When I started plnning BWOM 9, the Last Train to Jackson, it was a trip just for Tracy and I to say goodbye to our friend, yes, but it was also planned as a movie for all the subscribers on his Youtube channel, and all those moved by his adventures.   I wanted to include them, and not only by shooting a BWOM movie.  I decided that I would tinker around and ended up making these little treasure tins, with (non monetary) treasure inside.  I made 10 of them, but as Bridget, Brecken, and Tracy wanted one, and I kept one, we ended up placing 5 of them along the route. 

I released a video explaining the adventure and asked if anyone wanted to go search for these treasures along the routes.   The response was really amazing, and I had more folks interested than I had tins out, within a day.  

So there are five adventurers that are headed out on the road this summer, in search of these treasures.  Ill keep you updated as to their adventures.